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E-Learning is more than “Distance Education” or programs offered through contact.

Changing technology now means that curriculum can be digitized and supported with network applications, with greater access to computers and the internet, more students can access this curriculum from school or home.

On-line curriculum can provide students access to courses which cannot be offered in home schools.

The invention of printing press and universal postal services spawned the development of large –scale distance education, resulting in unprecedented advances in widening access to quality education.

Communication technology and networking is a great liberalization force. The new processes of liberalization and globalization have led to new ways of learning, living and working together.

With the advent of these processes, new education is visualized to be technology-mediated, Learner and Learning-centric, Innovation centric, Promoting excellence, co-operative learning, developing and nurturing universal human values in A3 ( Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere) and L3 (Lifelong learning) scenario.

Teacher education enhances the professional quality of teachers. The need of the hour is to acquaint pre-service and in-service teachers with technological advancements in hardware and software so as to increase the competencies of modern teaching community.

There are ways to speed up training time and reduce costs. By training a series of teachers who go and train other teachers in a pyramid is one method.

The advent of new communication technologies offers an electronic network utilizing electronic technologies, for providing learning experiences.

The national goal of universal elementary education and total eradication of illiteracy still remain elusive particularly in rural, remote and isolated regions of the country. There has been a significant growth of primary schools from 1950-2001, however, the drop-out rate is high too. Online teaching would help students to interact with content providers in order to ask questions, take tests, get assessed and receive feedback.

The idea here is to ensure that traditional ways of learning are not lost and at the same time, the new techniques through e-learning are mixed as smoothly as possible. Higher education system has to ensure that the skills, understanding and output of Indian education system should be at par with the best in the world. In India ICT is still seen as an extra or add-on rather than an integrated resource within teaching.

The world has entered into an information age. In this age, the new paradigm of teaching, learning process is called Elearning.Its components can include content delivery, management of learning experiences, content developers and subject experts.

Elearning provides for faster learning and increases access to learning. It is the convergence of learning and the internet alongside satellite networks and digital content to enable learning.

Electronic learning is an all-encompassing term generally used to refer to computer-enhanced learning. It may include the use of web-based teaching materials, hypermedia, CD-ROMS, websites, blogs, wikis, text-chat, computer-aided assessment, animation, simulation, games and electronic teaching-learning software.

Elearning affords flexibility and convenience for the elearner especially if they have other commitments, facilitations of communications between learners, greater adaptability to alearner’s needs, more variety and zing in learning experience.



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