Enjoy Meer’s poetry in English

Mir Taqi Mir
Born 1723
Died 1810
Pen name Mir
Occupation Urdu poet
Nationality Indian
Writing period Mughal era
Genres Ghazal
Subjects Love, Philosophy

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It may be noted that Ghalib himself acknowledged, through some of his couplets, that Meer was indeed a genius who deserved respect.

Here are two couplets by Mirza Ghalib on this matter.

Reekhta kay tumhi ustaad nahi ho Ghalib
Kehtay hain aglay zamanay may koi Meer bhi thaa

(You are not the only master of Urdu, Ghalib
They say there used to be a Meer in the past)

Ghalib apna yeh aqeeda hai baqaul e Nasikh
Aap bey bahrah hai jo muataqid e Meer nahi

(Ghalib! Its my belief in the words of Nasikh*,
“He that vows not on Meer, is himself unlearned!”)
*Shaikh Imam Bakhsh Nasikh of Lucknow, a disciple of Meer.

I have translated a selection from Meer’s poetry here……


Everyone’s anecdotes shall stay put

When my selection is out




Its my vision on the shore of the sea of poetry

My wave is a hundred-hued and I have a natural flow


Only a simpleton will call him simple

He looks wicked to us



Not a poet, when I really saw, you are a magician

You have enticed everyone by reciting some couplets


Do not lend ears so much to contemporary poets

Let’s go to listen to Meer as he embroiders pearls


Love is a heavy rock, Meer

How can a weakling like you lift it


Ought to jot down whatever he says

Every word Meer says, is a book


Tell you the truth about what is love

For truth-knowers, God is love


No space is empty of love

Love is filled from heart to sky


Love you if we have to love, see you if we have to see

You are the desire of hearts, you are the wish of eyes


Don’t know the reason of alienation

We belong to the same space where you belong


A chaotic couplet emanates wherever you see

A chaos like apocalypse is there everywhere in my work


From the intoxication of her eyes,

A lover should beware


Heart is a strange prescription of mysticism

What a pity we did not fathom


The flower is, spring is, when there is ecstasy in eyes

The season of flowers is about to go, pour some wine, o saki


Friends, someone try to decipher what the singer sings

The voice emanates from which veil, where does this originate


Every leaf and bud knows our predicament

Only the flower doesn’t know, the whole garden knows


By when does it reach its destination

Because the sky is in rapid movement

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