Convergence in telecommunications is the integration of previously separate communication and entertainment services.

Convergence is simply uniting voice and data networks across a single infra structure. Transmission is not limited to voice only; now data, picture and other interactive new media can be transported through a single carrier technology like fibre optic cable or satellite technology.

Today, thanks to faster chips, broader bandwidth and a common internet standard, technologies are quickly merging. Within the next five years, industry analysts say, practically every machine in the wide realm of communications- any gadget that talks, beams images or messages-will sport a powerful computer and a network connection. And every bit of digital information, whether it is a phone call, a song, a webpage or a movie, will flow among these machines in the very same river of data. The convergence of media, communications and IT has dramatically changed the landscape of the telecom industry and is revolutionizing the way we think, live work and play. Some converged applications include Mobile TV, IPTV and VoIP.

Some of the key enabling technologies are HSPDA ( High Speed Downlink Packet Access), UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) and satellite broadband. Convergence has opened a new window of opportunity for operators and end-users alike. It has created new revenue streams and brought a plethora of new products and services.


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