IIIrd Millennium- Being Future-ready

IIIrd Millennium- Being future-ready


ed. By KANasser




Cell: 9910228189


   Objective: To sensitize policy makers and corporate planners

about the technological changes and strategies for survival to avoid obsolescence and down-time.


The dawn of new century, especially a thousand-year phenomenon

like millennium is a good time to ponder and act accordingly.

I compile this book on the eve of the completion of the first decade of the new millennium. Cosmic consciousness is growing because of common environmental hazards like global warming and climate change, international organizations and financial revolutions,

spread of media and internet, viruses and virtual communities and international travel.


This book seeks to alert and nudge the policymakers and corporate

to fast track the innovations and strategies for survival.

We are indeed lucky to be alive in this era variously termed

Knowledge or innovation economy.


We stand on the shoulders of an evolution which began with hunting age and moved to agriculture, industrial and, information and now

Knowledge economy.

New technology- Microelectronics, computers, Aerospace, Robotics, Organic chemicals- has suddenly unleashed its cornucopoeia

rendering a number of hitherto indispensable institutions and

processes totally obsolete, costly, and time-consuming.


This book reviews the extraordinary promise of technological advances over the next few decades and assess some of the key issues-economic, social, environmental, ethical- that decision makers in government, business and society will face. Playing ostrich is not a solution.



































































































































































































































































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