In today’s global knowledge economy, education plays a vital role in determining economic growth. India needs to capitalize on its demographic advantage and improve access, enrollment, and quality in education. What steps are being taken to enhance the country’s workforce? Are information and communications technologies being utilized to their maximum potential? Are knowledge creation and talent management being effectively linked with business outcomes and growth? Looking ahead, which sectors will boast the greatest employment prospects in India? And is the next generation being prepared to seize these opportunities?

Strategies for Managing New Cities: Urbanizing India

Upgrading infrastructure will be an important evolutionary step in India’s economic development.  The country’s explosive growth and rapid urbanization has created critical capacity challenges for infrastructure development, electricity, roads, and water. How is the government aligning cost, efficiency, productivity, and risks to overcome the infrastructure gap? What are the viable investment opportunities in India’s infrastructure projects? Are there regulatory roadblocks that could be removed in order to boost development in this sector? What steps are being taken to facilitate public and private partnerships models (PPPs), which could bolster India’s capacity in roads, ports, water, and power?

Indian Film & Television Industry: Increasing its contribution

to the Indian Economy

The film and television industry in India is one of the world’s largest markets in terms of number of consumers and offers significant growth potential.  Over the past few years the industry has experienced rapid double-digit growth and it is expected that this trend will continue in the future, thereby resulting in increasing contribution to the Indian economy.

Asia’s “Smart Power”: Driving Growth through Innovation and


Entrepreneurial innovation will be critical for future long-term economic growth across the region and, in India, it has already transformed the lives of millions across the country. What cross-border innovations could be forged to bolster social innovation and social entrepreneurship across Asia? How are Asian corporations and foreign firms innovating in India, and how can MNCs leverage India’s innovations to transform their organizational strategies?  How do Indian entrepreneurs use an innovation mindset and jugaad to address vital concerns such as the scarcity of energy resources and lack of access to healthcare?


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